Police Officer Responds To Suspicious Call. Arrives To Teach Homeless Girl Hopscotch


A bystander captured this adorable encounter between a homeless girl and a the heroic police officer who taught her how to play hopscotch. I’m crying at how adorable this is!

Two Huntington Beach police officers got a call last week about a “suspicious occupied vehicle,” according to the Huntington Beach Police Department. They responded to the call as per regulation, but upon arriving, found something that horrified them.

A mother had been living with her 11-year-old daughter in their car for months. Unable to pay their bills, they had fallen prey to homelessness and were left with no other options.

So while one of the officers contacted the department’s Homeless Task Force, to prepare housing arrangements for the two, the other officer brightened the little girl’s day by teaching her hopscotch.

[Huntington Police Department]
[Huntington Police Department]

The heroic officer, Officer Pricer, showed the unnamed girl his expertise at the game. The encounter was caught on camera and it so sweet you might get a toothache from it.