Man Regrets Buying $3,000 Yak After Taking Sleeping Pills


When you take a dose of sleeping pills, you aren’t supposed to operate heavy machinery, but maybe that warning should extend to navigating all machinery.

One man made a highly regrettable choice when he hopped on his computer after taking a dose of sleeping pills. He navigated the web for a bit and for some strange reason, suddenly decided it would be a good idea to purchase a yak.

Yup, we’re talking about a very large (and sometimes aggressive) farm animal here, which calls into question why it’s so easy to purchase such a commodity online.

According to the posting on reddit, the yak cost $3075.99. He even posted a photo to show the legitimacy of the purchase, though we’ll never know for sure exactly how legitimate these things are.


Fortunately, the man was able to backtrack and stop the purchase from going through before the yak showed up on his front stoop. In an updated version of the post, a friend of the man passed the following quote along:

“Oh I’m sure you would’ve all liked for me to just let them deliver it, but a) My apartment complex would boot my ass on to the street. The only thing worse than being homeless is being a homeless yak owner. b) My beagle Lucy would lose her motherf*cking mind. c) I’m an astrophysicist, not Baron Moneybags Von Richf*ck so I can’t just spend $3,000 on a yak to amuse the Internet.”

And there you have it, folks. He did not come to own a yak, but at least he managed to give us all a chuckle.

Are you surprised to hear how easy it is to buy large farm animals online? If you’re as shocked as I am, please tell us in the comments…

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