Dog Can Not Deal When He Sees His Brother Play Dead


Playing dead is the oldest trick in the book, but somebody forgot to tell this pooch it’s just a ploy.

According to Mom and Dad, Jack is a 9-year-old pooch and Archie is his 3-year-old brother. Even though the dogs are not biologically related, the family still refers to the two as brothers. Recently, Jack has learned a new trick. He might be older in his years, but that doesn’t mean he can’t pick up a new trick.

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The pooch was taught how to play dead and its killing us all. The dog’s performance is not just funny, it’s worthy of a daytime Emmy, complete with a tongue poking out through his lifeless lips. The only one who doesn’t seem to be amused by Jack’s performance is Archie, who finds jokes about death to be in poor taste.


Meanwhile, the family loves watching the shenanigans their dogs play out, so much that they shared a video of it online. The clip has since gone viral and been entertaining the masses.

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