Cute Toddler Tries To Eat A Toad But Is Sad To Discover It’s Not Food


A cranky child will throw a fit over just about anything, but we found one toddler who’s reason for tears really takes the cake.

The curious baby became very sad when Mom wouldn’t let her eat the juicy piece of ‘chocolate’ in her hand. Little did she know, it was quite far from being anything of the sort.

That candy bar she was trying to take a chunk out of was actually a toad. It was a living, breathing animal that probably didn’t want to be eaten by a toddler.

Perhaps she was just hoping to give it a kiss and transform it into a plucky Prince.


After all, you never know when that toad in your lap is going to suddenly transform itself into a stunning slice of royalty. In this case, that amphibian turned itself into neither a dapper monarch nor a piece of chocolate; it just tried to run away. Besides being a great metaphor for my dating life, this is a hilarious viral video that has already accumulated more than 17,000 views.

Parents, what’s the silliest thing your child has ever tried to put in their mouth?

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